My name is Samantha but most people call me Sam. 
I'm an illustrator/graphic designer currently located in Wisconsin. 
Since a young age I have always had a strong passion for art - I know many artists say this to the point where it's pretty much a given these days, but it is true. Personally I never really knew what exactly I wanted to be when I grew up, but I always knew it had to be art related. 
I was born and raised in Wisconsin, which is also where I attended college. I graduated with honors from the Graphic Design program at Madison College in Spring 2020. Now I am looking to apply my education as well as to further my knowledge and skills.
As a designer/artist currently entering the job market full-time to pursue that long awaited career in art I am eager to prove myself!
Please feel free to connect or contact me with potential opportunities.
-Thank You!
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